Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fatherhood, cosmology changes, fantasy baseball

It's a strange thing, when you just "become" a dad. It's very similar to having your free will taken away. This has made me re-think my whole stance on the free will vs. determinism debate: why do these two cosmologies have to be mutually exclusive? I mean, I don't feel like I have free will right now, whereas usually it seems obvious you have free will. Perhaps, then, our consciousness is really a combination of the two. Some things are predetermined, so overall, since some are not, the effect is a world with chaos and choices. There are, however, rules, as we all know so some matters are not decided by will, but by mundane biological processes.

Luckily, the Lakers moved on tonight, and in fairly convincing fashion. They're easily one of the most enigmatic teams in a long time for L.A. Some nights they look like they could score 160 points if they needed to; other nights, they can't seem to buy a basket and their defense is embarrassing to the point that Pau and Lamar look at each other accusingly each time the opposing 4'11" point guard swooped in for a lay up. Also, they don't like to rebound anymore. Lamar was a monster on the boards for a long time. He was pulling down 20 a night. Not anymore, it doesn't seem. I can't believe the Lakers went 2-2 against Houston without Yao. I'm worried. Are you worried, Lakers fans? It's not Kobe's fault, either. He's bringing it, and I believe he's averaging 31 points a game right now. The rest of the team, hopefully, will step up.

Andre Ethier has lost his security blanket. I know you probably weren't following him, but at one point he was batting .320+ and lead the N.L. in RBIs. Now he's lucky to get a hit. Without Manny, he lacks confidence and doesn't fully release that swing. So Manny gets caught doing steroids and I lose him, plus Etheir loses his mojo as a result. My fantasy team is a mess. I've done some repair work, thought. I cut off the grizzle. I'll post my team here someday, but I'm too lazy now and no one really cares.


At 8:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I care. I'm kind of like your Fanasy advisor.

BTW- You just left for school and Soy keeps barking at the front door. I think he thinks you're playing basketball. :)

At 10:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

squirrels make choices out of chaos

At 11:27 PM , Blogger Huge Larry said...

I'm impressed that you've been able to expand your sphere of sports acceptance to include baseball.

Maybe someday I'll make that move, but for the time being it's basketball and tennis, with just a bit of NFL sprinkled in.


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