Saturday, June 13, 2009

P.J. or Paige?

It's impossible right now to know whether we're going to call her P.J. or Paige more often when she gets older. She seems like a P.J. to me at the moment, which is to say that she's starting to develop a rudimentary personality. She smiles at me if I tickle her, change her diaper, or talk to her about baseball statistics. The reward/pain meter regarding being a dad is starting to slowly move toward the reward side of things. The smiles and funny noises she makes are getting more interesting and you can start to see myself and Sarah in her actions. Enough of the new dad stuff.
Maybe she'll do a duet with Thom Yorke someday. If I'm lucky.

The Lakers continue to win, but I have come to realize that this is one of those championships that people want to reject as being bogus. They say that the Magic are not a true opponent. They say that the Lakers have all the talent. They say, quite interestingly, that the Lakers aren't really that good and wouldn't have won a championship during a normal year. I say shut the hell up and accept the fact that the Lakers are going to get another championship. I know it's hard for all you fans of lame teams out there, but it just makes you look petty when you try to devalue this championship just because you hate Kobe.
He doesn't like you either.

Sarah is trying to tell me that Pokemon is stupid. I say she's stupid!

Anyway, I'm playing a lot of video games still, which I didn't thing would be the case with a baby, but it's not like I'm holding Paige every second of the day. I like calming her down, maybe playing some guitar and singing for her, and then when she's sleepy, I get to play games! It's working out really well. I like spending time with P.J. but I get to play Fallout 3 too! I've destroyed that game. I went in and out of every crevice of this game. I really pounded it and found all the right angles. This sounds dirty.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an incredibly funny show. New obsession for me, yippee.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Time is short

I feel like I should post here more often but my time feels very compacted right now. All of the little units go by so quickly and I'm doing so much more that I feel like everything is just flying by. Sitting down is no longer such a passive activity. There's no way to relax when you know you could be getting up any second. It's even worse for Sarah. I still get some alone time at night to play video games or watch baseball or some nonsense until I go to sleep. She gets almost no time to herself on weekdays except for parts of the afternoon and evening. We're both really tired. But this is EXACTLY what I expected. She cries a lot. She poops herself a lot (the baby, not Sarah). She eats. Repeat cycle. She also goes through a nice amount of diapers and laundry. I'm not surprised about one bit of this, I guess it's as good of an excuse as any, however, to not keep up with my online journal.

The results of the semi-finals in the NBA playoffs were fairly satisfactory. My beloved Lakers and Pau Gasol made it to the NBA finals. The Cavs didn't. We can stop the Kobe/Lebron argument until the latter wins a championship. Those puppets were funny and all, but it was pretty disrespectful to the Nuggets and Magic - and look at the Magic now! But this is a team that beat the Lakers twice in the regular season in two tries, so it's not like this is any better than going up against Cleveland, who the Lakers dominated in the regular season. I do, however, think that the Lakers size, which is considerable with three 7 footers on the front line, matches up better with the Magic. I see a lot of Howard dunks on Gasol and Bynum though. I mean, I can see them in my mind right now and it's pissing me off. I wonder if they'll have Odom start and guard Turgolu or if they'll play Ariza on him...

I'm trying to get into some new music so I bought Animal Collective, the new Franz, and Kings of Leon. The only one that has taken so far has been Animal Collective. They're very insane. But that's a good thing. A lot of that album is about being a dad so...yeah. I suck.